Be Brilliant / Spark and Victory

Client Since 2018

From Linsi Brownson:

Spark Collaborative was born May 1, 2012. It started as a social media agency and quickly grew into full service branding and creative agency. I still own this company today. Also learned “a few” lessons the hard way here.

Four years ago, my coach helped me to get out of a major rut I was in. I was completely burnt out and in that sucky spot where your life looks great on paper, but feels hollow and inauthentic. He helped me reconnect to myself and my purpose as a coach, which kickstarted a big leap for me.

Today I am coaching business owners in a similar way, helping them reconnect and realign their business so that it supports the life they truly want.

Tasks / Responsibilities

  • Digital / Analog Noise Removal
  • Editing for Time and Content
  • Multichannel Mixing