Spark and Victory Season Two

Season Two of the wildly informative podcast Spark and Victory is getting ready to launch.

With a focus on entrepreneurship, building your business, pitfalls and practicality, S+V is a great way to becoming and being a successful business owner.  Go back and listen to Season One and get all caught up and ready for launch.  Linsi brings in some AMAZING guests to share their experiences and knowledge so that you can avoid the same mistakes they made, or recover if you’ve already made them.

Don’t wait!  Make sure to follow the Spark Collaborative on Facebook and listen to the podcast on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, or Stitcher.

Go Get ‘Em, Mavericks!

SHORT: Kenya

Hear No Evil has just completed sound on its second film. A short project titled Kenya. A great little film from Devon Gilliam out of New York. Super excited to see the finished product and to work with him again.

His next film should be starting in the next couple months or so. This one didn’t take too long for me to do sound on. And now that I know his work flow and have honed mine, I know that I can do an even better job. However, current reviews of my work are as follows:

“Perfect! That’s awesome man. Couldn’t have asked for a better job. seriously.”

Good stuff.

AES NY 2017

AES NY is fast approaching.  Making sure I’m prepped and ready is just as time consuming as any actual editing work.  Crazy.

I’m very excited to spend some time in New York in the coming weeks.  Make some new contacts.  Schmooze.  New business cards have arrived and most of the trip has been paid for by the work I’ve completed.

This is exciting and terrifying all at the same time.

Grand Opening

It has definitely been a whirlwind getting hear.  Things were moving so fast after the articles of organization that I couldn’t even get around to updating my personal site let alone a business site.

So welcome to the official launch of the official Hear No Evil Media website.  It’s a little slim right now, but I will be adding more references, content, and what not as they become available and as I have breaks in work.  Because that hasn’t really happened yet.

No… I’m not complaining about being busy.  After a lifetime of thinking that this was something that wouldn’t make me money, I’m now beginning to do the exact opposite.  This is great.